Our couples detox track is one of the notable treatment offers we specialize in at Prestige Detox. We welcome previously domesticated couples into our outpatient detox program as a first step for them to get on the path toward long-term recovery from their addictions and co-occurring afflictions.

A significant percentage of people who suffer from addiction and are married or in long-term relationships share their addictions with one another. Their paired substance abuse is often related to enabling and co-dependent behaviors. As their actions, feelings and coping mechanisms are shared, it is common for couples who want to get sober to do so as a team to start, consenting to a formal detoxification for the health of their family with the help of our professional medical team.

During our couples detox program, our coupled clients will experience the same level of care that we offer our individual clients, but with the additional support of meeting with our licensed marriage and family counselor. During one or several sessions, the couple will begin to discuss what their therapeutic journey looks like and take the advice of our clinical team on the next steps in their treatment continuum of care.

We believe it is essential for each person to have an individualized journey as it relates to addiction recovery. That’s why we focus on treating the individual during this process, while allowing the couple to support one another in this early stage of recovery. In many cases, the couple will be directed toward individualized healing tracks at later intervals of their recovery journey, as determined by their clinical team. Many times, couples are able to take advantage of furthering levels of care that specifically cater to the needs of pre-existing couples, along healing tracks that parallel one another yet remain segregated to some degree so that they can also individually recover.

Since marriage and family counseling together is so important for the health and the future of the family unit, any couple who is looking to get sober together will want to make sure that marriage and family counseling is something they can participate in together at varying stages of their personal journey into long-term recovery. At Prestige Detox, we are focused on ensuring that each couple who joins us as a client is treated as an individual while helping them to focus on the healthiest next steps for themselves and their family.

Last modified: May 4, 2020

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