Steps we have taken to address COVID-19

Our updated policies & what we’re doing to keep our community safe

As Covid-19 (novel coronavirus 2019) affects lives around the globe, at Prestige Detox, we have taken extensive measures to protect our clients and employees so that we may remain accessible to the recovering community. While the healthcare system braces for a still unknown influx in patient care, we will maintain our role in helping serve those battling with addiction in an effort to keep our patients away from the front lines, while receiving the care they deserve.

As we manage day-to-day operations differently during this unprecedented time, please know that we are constantly updating our protocols to adhere with the suggestions and guidelines of the CDC and Florida Department of Health.

To maintain a safe environment, we have dramatically changed our operations and protocols to protect our clients and employees. These measures are enabling us to continue providing care while preventing the spread of disease. Here are the steps we have taken:


    We have instituted a mandatory quarantine period for all incoming clients in order to perform an extensive screening process. For a copy of our policies and procedures for “Infection Control: Coronavirus Disease 2019”, please email a request to


    Our therapy team has added process groups to our curriculum so that clients may address personal concerns and anxiety related to the global pandemic.


    Our employees have access to a range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent skin-to-skin interaction and reduce airborne pathogens. These products include masks, gowns and gloves.


    As per the recommendation of the CDC, we have instituted a facility-wide provision to limit peer-to-peer interaction to 6 feet or more when at all possible, and have prohibited group gatherings.


    We have also asked non-essential employees to work remotely so that we are able to reduce our overall population, helping to add the necessary space for ideal germ prevention. We are temporarily postponing off-site meetings and non-essential visitors to protect the community. Virtual therapy sessions are being offered in replacement of face-to-face sessions.


    As per CDC recommendations, all staff personnel and clients are being asked to wash their hands often for the recommended 20+ seconds.


    We have increased the frequency with which we are cleaning our entire facility, and are sanitizing all of our supplies, including (but not limited to) rooms, offices, equipment, linens and more. In addition, we have medical (IMS) services provided on-site to limit the spread of germs.


    We have provided more hand sanitizing stations throughout the campus so that access to germ-killing solutions are close by at all times.


    We have published the WHO’s "Do The Five" campaign throughout the facility so our employees and clients remain aware of best-practices in healthy hygiene, infection control and disease prevention.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our current operations, what we are doing to help support recovery in our community, or if you have questions about receiving treatment for yourself or a loved one. Our phone number is 844-942-1112.

While much remains uncertain for us all, we will remain committed to helping give quality care to those in need of recovery services. Above all else, we wish for healing in this time, and are doing everything we can to spread positive, healthful information while being a safe, accessible resource for our clients. In Good Health, The Prestige Detox Team
Last modified: May 12, 2020

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