Men and women metabolize drugs and alcohol differently. Therefore, at Prestige Detox, we take great care in treating each client individually, taking into consideration their physical and psychological characteristics that will affect their detoxification experience.

Men and women often suffer from psychological ailments that contribute to their use or abuse of their drug(s) of choice. Because of this, we offer men who are enrolled in our men’s detox program the opportunity to speak with a licensed therapist about their exacting issues that have caused or contributed to their substance abuse addiction.

Offering men’s-specific therapy is one of the greatest advantages during this early stage of treatment for the men that we care for because it begins a dialogue and a therapeutic journey from the very start, during a phase of treatment that is especially sensitive for the recovering individual. Simply being heard and listened to is one of the greatest benefits our clients experience, aside from the medical attention they receive, as some have not had the opportunity to speak openly about their physical and emotional issues for months or even years.

Last modified: May 4, 2020

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