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Prestige Detox is a place where those battling crippling drug and alcohol addiction can receive individualized detoxification treatment without the pain, discomfort or threat of withdrawal symptoms, cravings or relapse characteristic of detoxing without proper medical supervision. Carefully evaluating each individual’s usage history, physiology and psychology allows our medical staff the ability to prescribe each client with a unique detoxification protocol that will offer them the best foundation as they enter into their rehabilitation journey.

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At Prestige Detox, our primary purpose is to help anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse to safely detoxify their body and mind from dangerously high levels of addictive substances while preparing them for the next phase of the recovery process. We do this by utilizing modern, state-of-the-art medical techniques in combination with holistic healing arts and psychological care to treat the individual as a whole during this delicate phase of the recovery process. Our goal is to eliminate the possibility of detox-related death, discomfort or withdrawal symptoms with the least possibility for cravings or relapse. We aim to help reduce client recidivism rates amongst those who set their sights on reaching long-term sobriety.


Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the most difficult conditions to overcome, most notably because the detoxification phase can not only be excruciating to endure, but can, in many cases, be deadly. At Prestige Deotx, we envision a level of care that is accessible to as many people as possible who are dealing with crippling addiction, and want to reach long-term sobriety from their drug or alcohol dependencies. Our program is developed to specifically target both the somatic self and the psyche while addressing each individual’s unique usage history and patterns so they can successfully complete the detox phase of treatment. Utilizing these individually designed pathways, our clients are prepared both physically and mentally to begin their journey into long-term recovery at the end of their detox protocol.


Reducing Relapse

One of the biggest threats to one’s journey toward long-term recovery happens during the detox phase. A majority of people who are in the withdrawal phase of drug and/or alcohol detoxification will feel both the physical and mental desire to use again, simply to manage their symptoms. At Prestige Detox, one of our pinnacle missions is to eliminate this propensity altogether by meticulously managing each client’s detox protocol so they don’t experience the excruciating effects of detoxification that result from months or years of substance abuse. Our entire model is developed to help clients regain harmony between their mind and body with proper medications, nourishment and relaxation. Our aim is to offer the best, most individualized care possible during the very delicate detoxification process so that little or no withdrawal symptoms are felt, and the opportunity for relapse is dramatically reduced.

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Located in picturesque Jupiter, Prestige Detox is the premier medical detox facility in Palm Beach County. To inquire about availability, please contact us by phone or email.

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