Women and men metabolize both drugs and alcohol differently. In addition to that, their physical makeup is different from men as well, which affects how they are cared for during the detoxification phase of treatment. The latter point actually goes for all individuals, gender aside, since one’s physical characteristics will determine their meticulously managed detoxification protocol.


Some of the other specializations that women experience in our women’s detox program is the opportunity to speak with a licensed therapist about some of their most pressing issues. While not always the case, in many instances, women struggle with a lot of the same issues that have led or contribute to their substance abuse that differ from men. We therefore offer this additional opportunity to take advantage of therapy during the detoxification stage that focuses on the individual, inclusive of a dialogue that speaks to women’s-specific issues.


Some women sometimes struggle with the “stigma” of addiction, feeling that addiction is more likely a man’s issue, and that they are somehow different than other women. Seeing that there are many women from all walks of life that struggle with addiction is a helpful perspective for them to gain as they begin in this early stage to identify with the struggle that other women, like them, have gone through. This is simply another reason why our gender-specific detox track is especially helpful for the women we treat.

Last modified: May 8, 2020

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